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Repairs and Prices .....

The majority of Roger's work comes by personal recommendation. He takes real pride in his work, but as an efficient craftsman in a very well equipped workshop his charges are surprisingly affordable.

Repair Work Undertaken:

Essentially most things from minor repairs and adjustments to full restoration projects. The variety of woodwind musical instrument repairs carried out is too large to possibly itemise it all but a look at the Interesting Projects page will give an idea of the scope of some of the work undertaken. There are not many woodwind instruments that are totally beyond repair but of course whether or not their repair is worth it from an economic viewpoint is a different question though often it usually is.

  Checkovers, servicing, repadding, recorking, respringing, crack pinning, broken tenon repairs, saxophone bodywork (dents and resoldering), keywork repairs and modifications etc



The best thing is to get in contact and a rough guide price can often be given by email of over the phone. An actual examination of the instrument will usually be required for an accurate estimate, but once given this is rarely exceeded and then only after prior consultation with the customer. Prices are calculated on the basis of a workshop rate of 20 per hour plus cost of parts. With woodwind instruments the price also depends upon the type of any new pads fitted. Please note that there is a minimum charge of 20 per instrument for all repairs.



                                                                        Examples of Charges


Flute (student closed hole), full overhaul including repad* and recork 110
Bb Clarinet, full overhaul including repad* and recork       130
Alto Saxophone, full overhaul including repad* and recork      280
Flute (professional closed hole) full overhaul including repad and recork       160
Flute (professional open hole) full overhaul including repad and recork)     200 
Tenor Saxophone - loose neck tightened by expanding neck tenon     15 
Baritone Saxophone - new neck sockets made and fitted      140
Flute, fit extension to G# to help small fingers       30
Clarinet, repair broken tenon by fitting insert and precision machining insert to match original bore       85
Clarinet -  crack pinned with 4 pins and sealed.      140
Vintage Tenor Saxophone, restoration to near original condition involving freeing rusted keywork, dent removal, relacquering, respringing, recorking and repadding*.      540
Alto Saxophone, resoldering broken-off key post involving realigning pad cup and fitting new pad       36


* These prices for full repads are based upon basic good quality pads being fitted. There is an ever growing range of pads coming on the market and I although I will fit almost any type of pad specified by a customer there may well be additional charges and I will not fit pads that I do not consider to be of adequate quality!